Alpacas and Fiber

Wasatch Back Alpacas

We Love our Critters

We’re pretty sure you’ll love our critters too! The alpaca (Lama pacos) is a species of South American camelid (related to Camels) mammal.  

Alpacas are visually and genetically similar-to, and often confused with, the llama; however, alpacas are visibly shorter and are bred predominantly for their fiber.

We not only care for and breed these cute, cuddly, four legged cuties, we shear and sell alpaca fiber and fiber products.  We are most happy to sell you both our animals AND our fiber products: wonderful fiber, yarn, rovings and merchandise. We’ll have an e-commerce store available shortly for products, and we’ll be happy to introduce you to some of our stock if you’re interested in raising or keeping your own herd.

We shear our alpacas just like sheep when their coats are ready. Alpaca fleece is the natural fiber we harvest. There are two different types of alpaca fleece. The most common fleece type comes from a Huacaya. Huacaya fiber grows and looks similar to sheep fiber in that the animal looks “fluffy”. The second type of alpaca is Suri and makes up less than 10% of the South American alpaca population. Suri fiber is more similar to natural silk and hangs off the body in locks that have a dreadlock appearance.

While both fibers can be used in the worsted milling process using light weight yarn or thread, Huacaya fiber can also be used in a spining process and spun into various weight yarns. It is a soft, durable, luxurious and silky natural fiber.  It’s much more comfortable than wool, and is extremely warm.  Alpaca yarn makes the best socks, beanies and sweaters.