Wasatch Back Alpacas



The following publications are available through Cloud Dancer Alpacas.

Complimentary article “Getting Started in the Alpaca Industry” by Deb Hill and Don Sanfilippo. Covers basic considerations for those interested in alpacas as a business, updated annually to reflect industry trends.

    • Taking Care of Business by Deb Hill. “This handy business reference book covers all aspects of raising alpacas for profit, including buying and selling tips, pricing, contracts, business plans and how to find and keep customers. Sixteen topics are presented in spiral bound format; 68 pages.”
    • Taking Care of MORE Business by Deb Hill. “This is the sequel to the first business book (above) and is focused specifically on selling. The book covers what you need to know to sell alpacas and alpaca products, and for achieving a profitable alpaca business. Over 70 pages in a spiral bound format.”

The following items are available through the Alpaca Owners Association.

    • Alpaca: from fiber to fashion. Beautifully produced color booklet from AOBA that covers the history, uses and characteristics of alpaca fiber, with color photos, charts and graphs.
    • Complimentary color brochure “Meet the Alpacas” from AOBA. This tri-fold piece contains FAQs and includes cute photos of alpacas plus industry contact info.
    • Alpacas Educational Activity Book published by AOBA. Includes coloring, puzzles and mazes, crafts and cooking for young children.

Additional books that have come highly recommended and I have found helpful include:

    • Caring for Llamas and Alpacas: A Health Management Guide by Clare Hoffman, DVM and Ingrid Asmus. A 178 page spiral bound book that provides clear and comprehensive information about basic llama and alpaca health care, first aid procedures and general management.
    • Llama and Alpaca Neonatal Care by Bradford B. Smith, DVM, Karen I. Timm, DVM and Patrick O. Long, DVM. “A 112 page spiral bound book that covers the anatomy and physiology of the reproductive system, stages of labor, dystocias, and care of the pregnant dam and newborn. It also includes necessary items for a first aid kit.
    • The Camelid Companion: Handling and Training Your Alpacas and Llamas by Marty McGee Bennett. A guide to handling, training and managing llamas and alpacas.